Sunday Night Teens

May 31, 2020 | Mike Maslin

Join us EVERY Sunday Night at 7:30 on Zoom

6th – 12th grades

Join Zoom Meeting at 7:30 pm

Meeting ID: 853 6602 6774


Contact Pastor Mike Maslin at [email protected]






















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Sunday Morning Teens Discussion Groups
May 31, 2020
Join 5 Minutes after the livestream of Forcey’s Sunday Service (usually around 11:15)
Forcey Bible Church Livestream starts at 10am | youtube, facebook, and
Group Links for this morning:
6th Grade Discussion Group with Mr Kevin
Meeting ID: 859 9285 1130
7th & 8th Grade Girls’ Discussion Group with Mrs Lynette
Meeting ID: 738 5803 3164  |  Password: 4CTeens
7th & 8th Grade Guys’ Discussion Group with Mr Karl
Meeting ID: 712 4728 5247  |   Password:  000555
High School Discussion Group with Pastor Mike & Mrs Anne
Meeting ID: 859 9285 1130
Click Here to Download the Discussion Guide

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Sunday Night Teens

May 31, 2020 | Mike Maslin