Forcey Bible Church believes that no church can truly follow God without sharing God’s heart for the whole world.  Forcey has been actively involved in overseas and domestic missionary outreach for almost all of its 80-year history.  Today we support 46 missionary families serving in over 20 countries, including several which are formally closed to missionary activity.  Many others serve with organizations reaching out to internationals in U.S. colleges and universities. 

We are not just a “supporting” church, we are a “sending” church.


Fall 2021 Missions Conference Weekend


  • Forcey is hosting and providing food each Friday for 50+ students at UMD. Contact Ann Hunt if you’d like to help ([email protected])



  • Reuben Meriakol will give the message in both worship services on Forgiving, Luke 17:3-4, missions minute w/Carey & Sharon Owen, and the Geisses with the Teens.
  • Christmas in October International DessertsJoin our missionaries at 6 p.m. for dessert and fellowship as they share their stories. Children programs available ages 1-5 and grades 1-5.


Conference Projects

  • Christmas in October – each year we collect a love offering for our missionaries and global partners to give to them as a Christmas bonus. Our partners are committed to serving the Lord by sharing the Good News in whatever circumstances God has laid before them and we endeavor to come alongside them.
  • Support for Christians in Distress in Muslim lands – one of our partners has laid before us a series of emergencies facing believers in Muslim lands. 1) Prior to the Taliban takeover, 35,000 Afghans were following their Bible broadcast and thousands had turned to Christ. Now, many have fled to Pakistan and other Muslim countries. Amidst the chaos, our partner’s co-workers are endeavoring to help those believers in dire situations. 2) Our partner also has co-workers in Lebanon, a country where inflation is soaring and whose economy is on the brink of collapse. Our partner is trying to help feed 150 Christian families who are in need there. 3) This past summer, Algeria experienced the worst fires in their history (71 fires in 17 provinces). Their partners on the ground there are offering assistance to several Christian families lost their homes and their livelihoods. We can show Christ’s love by sharing the resources He has graciously given us. Please pray for these brothers and sisters as well.

Current Mission Outreach Opportunities

  • International Student Ministry – Opportunities to host students in your home, provide food, or assist with, weekly meetings at UMD,  be a weekly English conversation, or PRAY!! 
  • Afghan Refugees – Has God laid the Afghan people on your heart?  If you feel God calling you to befriend, serve, or pray for Afghan refugees or those left behind, please visit our table in the foyer this Sunday.


Contact Ann Hunt for more details on these outreach opportunities or visit the Missions table after services on a Sunday.