Boys think, learn, mature, and play differently than girls. Experts tell us boys often require more space and can have a shorter attention span than many girls. The traditional classroom model can be ineffective at mentoring boys toward genuine spiritual formation.

It takes a godly man to show a boy what it means to be a godly man. The men around a boy have some of the most profound influence on his life. Through the words he speaks and the life he models, a man has a deep influence on a boy’s social, intellectual, emotional and most importantly, spiritual formation.  Studies show that boys emulate the men they see.  It doesn’t matter if that man is on television or in his home.

This is where the Christian Service Brigade discipleship ministry comes in.

Christian Service Brigade partners with your boys (with programs for kindergarten through high school – Tree Climbers, Stockade, and Battalion) to help equip them to make a difference. Christian Service Brigade is not a kid’s club.  It’s a multi-year discipleship program designed to give a boy everything he needs to be a man of God.  He’ll learn real world skills as well as spiritual ones that he can apply throughout his entire life.

Tree Climbers: For Kindergarten through Second Grade

Stockade: For Third Grade through Sixth Grade

Battalion: For Seventh Grade through Twelfth Grade