Oil and Water

November 1, 2018 | Michael Foster

I shared recently as I was preaching from John 17 how a Forcey member was burdened to share something with me last February when I was candidating to become pastor. After a question-and-answer time with the congregation, she approached me and expressed that she sees God using me here at Forcey like “oil and water.” Of course, usually when two things don’t mix well at all, we are known to say that they go together like “oil and water”! So, I was troubled by her word to me. She said, though, that it was a good thing, but that she did not know what it meant. Not knowing her that well, I kind of brushed it off at the time and determined not to worry about it.

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The Forecast at Forcey

October 1, 2018

I was going to write about something else this month, but two things that happened in our services on September 30th deserve real attention and reflection.

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Racquetball Ministry

September 1, 2018 | Michael Foster

One of my greatest regrets is never playing racquetball with Ron Jones. Of course, I know a few people who regret that they DID get to play racquetball with Ron Jones, because they “got beat so bad!” Still, I would have loved seeing Ron in action at least once in his prime – even if it was against me! But I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on Ron’s ministry.

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Rooted Together

August 1, 2018 | Michael Foster

In the midst of transition, our family has talked a lot about our roots. We’ve said things like “we have deep roots in Western New York.” We recognize and appreciate our strong foundations in the region where I grew up and where we have served for the past thirteen years. But our roots are deeper than that – or,should I say, shallower?

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