“Good Trouble” Virtual Missions Conference

October 30, 2020 | Ann Hunt

Join us November 8-18, 2020!

We keep hearing everyone say, “we’re in unprecedented times…”  2020 indeed saw a lot of trouble in our Nation and around the world.  But the good Lord is at work in the midst of this trouble to continue to build his Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against God’s work.

This year, we’ll hear from many of our global partners through livestream interviews and presentations.  We’ll come together on a couple zoom calls for updates and prayer with several of our missionaries as well.  And our goal is to participate in the work of missions through our giving, our prayers, our testimonies, and our overall engagement – even in the midst of our troubles.


11/ 8 – Sunday (10 AM) – Morning livestream worship, featuring Orphan Sunday

Missions Moment with Mulberry (for Kids): Missions – The Great Commission

11/11 – Wednesday (7 PM) – Livestream discussing “The Chosen” and “Good Trouble” with a few of our missionaries 

Missions Moment with Mulberry (for Kids): Nancy Parlette

11/14 – Saturday (10 AM) – Zoom call focusing on Middle East/North Africa with special guests and a time of prayer

Click Here For Zoom Link

Missions Moment with Mulberry (for Kids): Dick & Sara Hart

11/ 15 – Sunday (10 AM) – Morning livestream worship, featuring prayer for the Persecuted Church 

Missions Moment with Mulberry (for Kids): Missions – Persecuted Church

11/ 15 – Sunday (7 PM) – Livestream featuring Missionary Moments of “Good Trouble”, testimonies from several of our global partners

Missions Moment with Mulberry (for Kids): Zane Dempsie and Paul & Carmiña Adams

11/16 – Monday (6:45 PM) – Taste of Perspectives; Register here. View the flyer here.

God has a “world-sized” role for every Christian in His global purpose, whether they go to distant countries or stay-at-home.  The primary issue is what most people are hungry to discover: vision to live a life of purpose.

Perspectives is a seventeen-week course designed around four vantage points or “perspectives” — Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic. Each one highlights different aspects of God’s global purpose. Forcey is hosting a virtual Perspectives Class beginning in January 2021.

Click here for a video preview. 

Missions Moment with Mulberry (for Kids): Michael & Cheryl Gayle

11/18 – Wednesday (7 PM) – Livestream with missionaries and prayer

Missions Moment with Mulberry (for Kids): Linda Reynolds


Conference Projects

2020 Orphan Sunday project

This year we will help support Irene’s Home of Hope in the Central Africa Republic (C.A.R.), a country which has been in the throes of civil war for the past 8 years.  [We will hear more about C.A.R. as we pray for the Persecuted Church on 11/15.]  Home of Hope is a children’s home designed to raise children whose parents have been killed by war and disease, with the ultimate goal of reuniting them with their relatives.  The children receive academic and Biblical training as well as security and relief from trauma.  See the brochure HERE

Home of Hope has recently purchased a piece of land in order to plant their own food crops.  Our support will help them purchase seeds and equipment, as well as school supplies and uniforms now that schools are opening up again. 

Christmas Love Offering for our Global Partners

Traditionally, we have called this offering ”Christmas in October”.  Our partners always appreciate the extra gift they receive at Christmas which enables them to do or get something special for their families. 

Relief Support for Honduran families affected by Hurricane Eta

Many people have lost homes and are living under tarps or tents in the median strips of highways.  A mission family from the Fosters’ previous church is working to help supply immediate needs for the people there.  Help us to help them be the hands and feet of Jesus as they reach out with provisions to those around them.  [This mission family themselves were trapped on the 2nd level of a building culminating in a boat rescue by local authorities.]

Global Partner Care

Periodically, our global partners find themselves in a time of financial crisis, often following illness, death of a loved one, or a sudden loss of a financial supporter.  Forcey’s Global Partner Care fund has been able to help in times of crisis as funds permit. 

Thank you for your generosity.

Giving Link for Conference Projects  

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“Good Trouble” Virtual Missions Conference

October 30, 2020 | Ann Hunt