January – March ABFs – Sunday AM Adult Classes

November 30, 2019 | Lonnie Harris

Our Adult Bible Fellowships (often called, ABFs)  function like small families within our larger church family.  They are essentially adult classes that meet on Sunday mornings for a set number of weeks to study a variety of topics, or books of the Bible.  There are different ABFs each hour (at 9:15 and 11am), and while each one has its own focus during different seasons, all of them include an emphasis on excellent Bible teaching and warm fellowship.

See below for a class schedule w/descriptions for our January-March 2020 classes.


1ST HOUR CLASSES (9:15 am)

Brand New Classes!
Although all of our classes are easy for new people to jump into, each quarter, we try to offer one or two new classes that will give people a chance to start fresh with a new group. There are two new classes on the schedule for this session.

The Art of Communication & Conflict Resolution in Marriage
Pastor Lonnie Harris & Jae Lee (9:15-10:30; rm 150)

How do you say what you mean and understand what you hear? What does a “fair” fight look like in a godly marriage?  How can you win at conflict without losing at love?  Join us as we tackle these two crucial topics in the Art of Marriage Connect Series.  We will learn that it takes more than just words to understand and be understood.  We will learn that conflict doesn’t have to be a threat to your marriage – but can instead be catalyst for deeper intimacy.

Dave Mackie & Mark Stewart (9:15-10:30; rm 250)

Do you find yourself whining and complaining to God? Would you like to hear His response? Come study Malachi (along with other passages) with us, as we adjust our conception of God.  Couples and singles of any age are welcome to join us for instruction, discussion, and fellowship.


BRIDGE (Young Adults, 18-25)
Bryan & Vanessa Wright (9:30–10:30; rm 326)

College-aged young adults (18-25) are invited to attend. Teaching, Food, Fellowship, Community Life – inside and outside of class.  Join us!


Discipleship – Following Jesus and Taking Others with Us
Byron Silvera (9:15 – 10:30; rm 226)

The goal of discipleship is transformation and reproduction. Transformation takes place as disciples grapple with the truth of God’s Word in community, allowing Him to lovingly reshape their lives. “We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them” (Eph 2:10).  This quarter we will focus on:

Becoming Like Christ: (a) Filled with the Spirit; (b) Fruit of the Spirit; (c) Trust; (d) Love; (e) Justice; (f) Witness

Serving Christ: (a) The Church; (b) Ministry Gifts; (c) Stewardship and Finances

Ladies Bible Class
Bonnie Ballard & Brenda Bradley
(9:15–10:30; rm 227)

“Conversation Peace: The Power of Transformed Speech” by Mary Kassian. Come join us as we learn the powerful elements that will transform our speech, how to master the skills of effective communication, and how to strengthen our vocabulary with words from the Word.  This is a great group of ladies who love to laugh and learn together, and we would love for you to join us!


2nd HOUR CLASSES (11:00 am)

Brand New Class!
Although all of our classes are easy for new people to jump into, each quarter, we try to offer one or two new classes that will give people a chance to start fresh with a new group. There is two new class on the schedule for this session.

Andy Nelson (11:00-12:15; rm 220)

Have you recently accepted Christ as your Savior? ARE YOU NEW TO FORCEY?  Do you know of someone else who is new to Forcey?  Come to the new Begin class and bring someone along with you.  Begin will start Sunday, January 5, and will run for 6 weeks.  In the Begin class, you can learn what Forcey Bible Church is all about as we discuss: 1) the Good News, 2) Baptism, 3) How to tell your story, 4) What church is all about and more.

The Gospel According to John/ El Evangelio según Juan
Omar & Patricia Herran (11:00-12:15; rm 328)

The Gospel According to John – Presented in Spanish, this class explores the apostle’s unique account and documentation of the ministry of Jesus Christ, as witnessed by John and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
El Evangelio según Juan – Presentado en español, esta clase explora el relato único del apóstol y la documentación del ministerio de Jesucristo, como lo atestigua Juan y con la inspiración del Espíritu Santo.


Genesis 34-50: God’s Blessing to Jacob’s Family Despite Great Internal Strife
Todd Beall & Bob Moore (11:00–12:20; rm 150)

While Jacob’s family continues to grow, the aftermath of rival wives leads to intense jealousy among Jacob’s sons, culminating in the brothers’ betrayal of Joseph. Yet ultimately Joseph’s trials lead to blessing for all. Please join with us as we see Joseph’s godly example (including his forgiveness of his brothers) in marked contrast to the actions of many others in his family.

I Corinthians
Ralph Zimmerman (11:00–12:15; rm 327)

This quarter we will complete our study of I Corinthians. We will study spiritual gifts (including the sign gifts), the need for love in exercising these gifts, and the regulation of these gifts. In addition, we will examine Paul’s definition of the gospel, along with the evidence for and the importance of the resurrection of Christ.

Counseling Related Topics
Ken Roussey(11:00–12:15; rm 229)

My training in Christian counseling was received at Westminster Theological Seminary which offers graduate courses in harmony with the ministry of Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) in Philadelphia, PA. Our class will focus on topics such as the following:  Fear, Worry, Forgiveness, Biblical Speech, Self-Image, Spiritual Fruit, Blueprint for Marriage, Ministering to the Elderly, etc. We welcome those who are interested in learning more about what the Bible says about resolving problems biblically.

Men’s Fellowship Class
Team Teaching (11:00-12:15; rm 324)

Since October 27th we have been studying the book David – A Man of Passion and Destiny by Chuck Swindoll. Chuck Swindoll is the founder of the “Insight for Living” radio ministry, the senior pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, TX, and the chancellor of Dallas Theological Seminary, and he has written over 90 books. In this study, we will be learning all about how God used the imperfect David to accomplish His purposes and demonstrate His amazing grace.

Please come and be blessed in a come-as-you-are environment of like-minded brothers. Our study is expected to run until April 12th. Books are available in class for $11 each.

Timeline to Eternity
Jerry Holiday (11:00–12:15; rm 226)

During December, we will be looking at ancient church writings, doctrinal developments, and roles of church fathers.  We’ll also be looking at the Gnostic Gospels and their background, falsehoods, deceits, and gullible social acceptances.  Generally, each Sunday is a different topic, sometimes straying from a pre-determined path to look at subject areas of particular interest requested by the class.  We have great discussions, epicurean delights, and the best coffee in the building.   Class is diversified, members are friendly, and the instructor’s jokes border on being humorous.

Women of the Bible
David Bruce & Rick Claybrook  (11:00–12:15; rm 228)

We will continue our study of some of the notable women who are part of the biblical narrative, focusing on women who are prominent in the New Testament.  These women are an amazing group that includes the mother of Jesus, wealthy supporters of Jesus’ ministry and the early church, outcasts, women with life-threatening illnesses, prophetesses, and others.  Join us to learn what God accomplished through these women of faith.


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January – March ABFs – Sunday AM Adult Classes

November 30, 2019 | Lonnie Harris