Pioneer Girls

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Today’s girls come from a variety of home environments, face all kinds of challenges, and are bombarded with secular messages seven days a week. Pioneer Girls will help build a solid faith foundation for girls that will reinforce Bible lessons and reach out to this generation of girls. The Pioneer Girls program provides girls with an additional opportunity to form healthy Christian friendships to last a lifetime, learn how to apply Biblical principles to everyday situations, memorize Scripture they have studied, and develop life skills in a safe and fun environment. At Pioneer Girls, girls learn that whether they are building a birdhouse, baking cookies, or studying the Bible, God cares about everything they do. Our goal is to teach Christ in every aspect of life.


Ages: PK4-6th grades

  • Scooters – PK4 + Kindergarten
  • Voyagers – 1st + 2nd Grades
  • Pathfinders – 3rd + 4th Grades
  • Trailblazers – 5th + 6th Grades


Times: Thursdays from 7pm to 8:30pm