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Forcey Kids

Forcey Kids Camp – Week 6

August 7, 2020|8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Welcome to Week 6 of
Forcey Kids Camp (Online)!

Forcey Kids Camp is a combination of Forcey Kids and Forcey Day Camp.  Since we can’t meet in person this summer, we are trying something new!  Kids and families will view a fun, engaging, interactive program of worship, Bible stories and teaching, fun, games, and a presentation of the gospel message. Each 20-30 minute program is prerecorded. You choose what time works best for your family! Each week comes with a video, an extra camp song, an activity, a coloring page, and a craft.

Soul Power is greater than our trials. (Job, Naomi, Jonah, & Daniel)

Extra Camp Song of the Week – My God is So Big and So Strong and So Mighty

Monday – Job (Job 1-4)

Video – Monday of Week 6

Coloring Page – God Visits Job

Craft of the Week – Daniel’s Lion
(Using colorful paper, glue, and scissors, you will make a lion’s face and mane.  Curl strips of paper using a marker and then glue them to the circular lion’s face.)

Tuesday – Naomi (Ruth 1-4)

Video – Tuesday of Week 6

Coloring Page – Naomi and Ruth

Water Day at Home – Water Balloon Baseball
(The “pitcher” tosses water balloons towards the “batter” who tries to hit the balloon with a bat or stick from your yard or broom or whatever you have.  If you have a large family playing, you could set up bases and to get someone “out”, you have to hit them with another water balloon thrown by the “pitcher”.)

Wednesday – Jonah (Jonah 1-2)

Video – Wednesday of Week 6

Coloring Page – Jonah and the Whale

Virtual Field Trip – Experience Polar Bears
(Check out the Polar Bears in the Arctic!!)

Thursday – Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Daniel 6)

Video – Thursday of Week 6

Coloring Page – Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Water Day at Home – Water Balloon Catch
(One person holds a bucket or laundry basket on their head.  The other person tries to toss 5 water balloons into the bucket.  Switch after 5 tosses.)

Friday – Review

Video & Camper of the Week – Friday of Week 6

Coloring Page – Psalm 147:5

Game of the Week – Avoid the Lions
(Use whatever you have in your living room to make an obstacle course of sorts, kind of like the Walking on Water game from VBS.  Try to get from one side of your living room to the other without touching the floor – since there’s LIONS down there!)


See you next week!

Date:August 7, 2020

Time:8:00 am - 5:00 pm


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Forcey Kids Camp – Week 6