Carol Walker & Shara Chong
(2023-2024 Co-Coordinators)

MOPS is designed for all mothers of preschool age children from birth to 5 years.

You care for your family, but are you caring for yourself? Where do you find time to recharge? Who answers your questions? Who listens to your heart?

The answer is here at Forcey MOPS! These ministries are here to nurture and strengthen you! Whether you are in the midst of pregnancy, have a toddler (or 2), an energetic preschooler or a student navigating those elementary school years, we are here for you! This is a place that provides the opportunity to make new friends, share experiences, learn, laugh, ask questions and learn Biblical principles pertaining to womanhood, marriage and parenting.

We are excited to offer two options for mamas: an in person group that meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 9:30-11:30am starting in September and finishing in May OR a hybrid group that will meet virtually/in-person on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings.

We meet the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 9:30-11:30 starting in September and finishing in May. An evening or weekend schedule is in the works. Meeting Registration fees for 2023-2024 include the $34 non-refundable MOPS International fee (this only covers the basic MOPS Intl. membership fee, if you wish to upgrade to a higher membership level, you can purchase the add on. Information on this is here: If finances are an issue, please contact us as scholarships are available!

MOPS Registration

Consider making a donation towards a MOPS scholarship!

Over the summer we will continue to minister to our community via virtual gatherings and Facebook discussions.  If you would like to be a part of this community for the summer, and/or have questions about our ministry please email us at [email protected].




Have you ever gotten to the end of a week, month or year and thought, “How did I get here? Where has the time gone?” It happens in our parenting, friendships, marriage and work- we get caught up in the urgent demands of the day-to-day, and then years go by, and we realize we haven’t been making the small choices that will get us where we actually wanted to be. So this is the year to make some moves.


It’s amazing how one little word can change your life. But too often, our ‘yeses’ are reserved for default decisions we aren’t even intentionally making or the stuff we feel obligated to do. What if we started saying ‘yes’ to the important things? Yes, to parenting on purpose. Yes, to significant challenges and out-of-your-comfort-zone opportunities. Yes, to your marriage. Invitations to connect with others? Yes, please. Saying yes opens us up to new ways of thinking and helps cultivate a growth mindset. To clarify, we’re not talking about people-pleasing or over-extending yourself. In fact, it’s the opposite. Developing a ‘yes’ mindset is living intentionally, focused on your goals for yourself and your family. It’s about listening to God’s still, small voice and doing the brave things rather than the easy things.

Learn more about this year’s theme: (Theme description taken and adapted from MOPS International website.)


MOPSKids is our affectionately termed MOPS childcare program that runs parallel to the MOPS meetings. It is available for children aged 4 months through 6 years. Ages two through five enjoy preschool-like activities and teaching. All teachers are trained and have undergone a background check. Each child must be registered to participate in MOPSKids. Children younger than 4 months are welcome and loved with mom at the MOPS meetings.


Hybrid Meeting Fee:  $40

In-Person Meeting Fee (without childcare):  $85

In-Person Meeting Fee with MOPSKids: $200 

Any expecting mom, with a due date of November 1st or earlier, should register your child for MOPSKids to reserve a space.  (If you are a mom expecting for the first time, contact [email protected] regarding the adjusted childcare fee.) 

We want all moms to be able to attend MOPS.

Scholarships and payment plans are available by request. If you’d like to apply for one please fill out this form: Scholarship Form

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