We hope that God has spoken to you through our missions conference.  In addition to our worship services and church-wide events, this year’s conference included 25 group meetings with our global partners. About 30 of our partners participated through virtual meetings, in-person events, prayer, and videos. We learned how the gospel is reaching people in more than 17 countries and the Middle East.  Please continue to pray for our partners as they serve the Lord in many places and in a variety of ways.



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  2. Work through these questions for self-reflection Self-Reflection Questions.
  3. Prayer for our global partners (For updates and/or newsletters, please send a request to [email protected])
  4. Give towards our missions project – Mission Projects
  5. Re-watch our Sunday evening program featuring prayer, updates, and international worship – (the program will run every night this week at 7PM on our livestream platform at forcey.org/live)




  1. Support for Christian Teams and Persecuted Believers in the Middle East/North Africa – through Endure Int’l, the ministry of Hanna Shahin, we can help believers persevere through financial hardships such as deportation, medical expenses (as a result of beatings, lashings or other forms of torture), and loss of employment due to their Christian beliefs. We can also support the courageous teams of indigenous believers who make the Gospel available and disciple new believers in the faith.
  2. Food Relief for Christians in Myanmar – Many Christian workers and believers in Myanmar are in dire situations following the violence and seemingly indiscriminate shootings of the recent military coup there.  We have the opportunity to send food relief for believers in about 15 church plants overseen by a pastor/teacher who was in Pastor Foster’s doctoral program.
  3. “Encountering Jesus Together” project  – David Lyons (Navigators) and his team are putting together a tool to be used in disciple making movements around the world.
  4. Computers for ImageMaker Ministries (inner city Baltimore) – Jose & Shari Cuesta are serving at-risk youth, many who live in neighborhoods riddled with drugs, violence, homelessness, and crime. In addition to evangelism and discipleship, one of their goals is to provide tangible resources to empower the youth to lead productive and successful lives in their communities. God has made gently used computers available to them at a low cost to use for these purposes.
  5. Gregg Shaffer Legacy Project – a discipleship manual to train new Christians and Christian leaders in the basic principles and practices of our faith. This manual is translated into the Haitian Creole language, to be specifically applicable to Haitian believers.
  6. Missionary Care Fund – to provide care and meet unexpected needs in emergencies and other unforeseen situations.

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APRIL 17-25, 2021


Ps. 86:9  All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, O Lord; they will bring glory to your name.

We were blessed to have 30 of our global partners throughout the week.

  • Saturday (4/17) 5 pm –  Men’s Cookout w/ Michael Gayle (surgeon in Togo)
  • Sunday (4/18) 10 am  – Joe Towfighi morning speaker, Rev. 5:1-14
  • Sunday (4/18) 7 pm – International Worship & prayer w/ Hanna Shahin and others
  • Tuesday (4/20) 10 am  –  Senior Adult Ministry (SAM) w/ David Batts and Bob Ewerth
  • Tuesday (4/20) 7 pm –  Ladies Virtual Evening Tea w/ Joy Carrera, Mabel Todd, Lupe Geiss, Nancy Parlette, Darlene Conner, and Jan Hall
  • Wednesday (4/21) 7 pmAn Evening w/ The Mikes “From Sea to Shining Sea” w/ Mike Sprague, Mike Foster, and Michael Geiss
  • Friday (4/23) 7 pm – David Platt virtual seminar, “The Great Imbalance”
  • Saturday (4/24) 10 am – Prayer and updates on Zoom w/ Reuben Meriakol, Micah & Heather Powers, and Carol Schlorff
  • Saturday (4/24) 4 pm – Prayer and updates on Zoom w/ Bill & Joy Carrera, Bob & Marcia Arnold, Patrick & Jan Hall, and Mabel Todd
  • Sunday (4/25) 10 am – Julian Dangerfield morning speaker, Psalm 86:1-10
  • Sunday (4/25) 11:45 am – Virtual Mission Update on Thailand w/ Bob Arnold
  • Sunday (4/25) 7 pm – International Worship & prayer w/ Hanna Shahin and others
    *Prayer Update: Damaris Misha is out of the hospital – praise God, but Dr. William Longgar is now struggling and there is no ventilator at the hospital.  Thanks for praying and worshipping with our partners.