Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are classes that meet on Sunday mornings during the 1st and 2nd hours of worship. Classes feature teaching through books of Scripture or offer biblical perspective on special topics of interest. More than classes, though, these communities also enjoy praying together and caring for one another.

Feel free to see the brief descriptions below. If you’d like to sign up for one or get more info, please click on the button below the chart to access our Church Center app where you can create an account and send a message directly to these leaders and there are more in depth details you can access there.


First Service (9:15/9:30am) Second Service (11am)
Young Adult Group led by Nathan Palmer. We are a group of young adults striving to learn more about God. We try to study topics relevant to the college age through leader led group discussions. Men’s Fellowship Class led by Steve D’Alessio. We endeavor to help Forcey men grow in their faith and in Christlikeness through study, discussion, and fellowship.
Cornerstone led by David Mackie. Cornerstone Fellowship meets every Sunday to pray, enjoy fellowship, and study a book of the Bible. We welcome new members who are eager to dig into God’s word in an expository format. Timeline to Eternity led by Jerry Holiday and Eric Nelson. Six-week co-taught Bible Studies.
Marriage Class led by Peter Willis. In this class, we strive to make meaningful connections between married couples. We want to provide Christ-centered teaching to help strengthen relationships while having an emphasis on fellowship. Ralph Zimmerman. In person and on zoom
Ladies Bible Class led by Brenda Bradley and Bonnie Ballard. Ladies Only – Princess Warriors. They also meet virtually on Tuesday Evenings via zoom (same discussion as Sunday mornings.) If you are looking for an opportunity to connect with the Lord and other women, please join us. Todd Beall/Bob Moore. After group prayer, we typically study books of the Bible in depth – in person and on zoom
David Bruce/Rick Claybrook. Bible study and building community. We do the latter through a sharing and prayer time. We do the former by in-depth Bible exposition of a NT or OT book, although occasionally we may do a video series or a short series on other topics of interest to the class. The teaching includes an emphasis on class participation and a practical application of Scriptural truth.
Dean Sauder leads this 12-week course, Applied Theology. In this class we will examine the Bible as a whole, focusing on our foundations for believing it. This is relatively more advanced material. Yet it’s made accessible via a multimedia delivery: short videos, PowerPoint, a matching game on Quizlet, Bible software, etc. These classes are not lectures.

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